5 Fun Facts About Fela Kuti (The Black President)

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5 Fun Facts About Fela Kuti (The Black President)

You all know a lot about the great activist and musician, Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti so we’re just going to go straight to some few fun facts you may not be aware of or you’ve heard it before but it still sounds new.

So below are our 5 fun facts about the late Fela Kuti:

1. Fela defied his parents for music. The singer was sent to London in 1958 to study Medicine but instead decided to switch to study Music.

2. Fela built his own little country in Nigeria. Fela built the Kalakuta Republic his own personal domain, as an act of rebellion. It had its own constitution and a free health clinic.

3. Fela married 27 women in one day. Following the destruction of Kalakuta Republic in 1977 by soldiers, he married 27 women in a single ceremony, saying they were jobless after Kalakuta destruction so he would take care of them.

4. Fela ran for President in 1979. Late 1978, he formed his own political party, which he called Movement of the People (MOP), in order to clean up society like a mop, as he liked to say. Unfortunately his candidature was refused by the ruling class.

5. Fela changed his middle name from Ransome to Anikulapo (meaning “He who carries death in his pouch”, with the interpretation: “I will be the master of my own destiny and will decide when it is time for death to take me”). He said that his original middle name of Ransome was a slave name.


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