5 Reasons Why Wizkid Won’t Get Married Anytime Soon

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5 Reasons Why Wizkid Won't Get Married Anytime Soon

5 Reasons Why Wizkid Won’t Get Married Anytime Soon. Wizkid is one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelor and he’s in his early 30s and he’s should be married like his peers.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid or Starboy is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born 16 July 1990 in Surulere, Lagos. He’s arguably one of the most blessed and recognized musicians out of Africa. His legacies can be likened to the likes of the legendary 2face Idibia and the charismatic D’banj in terms of his achievements in taking Afrobeats music global and to the mainstream western culture.

With so many accomplishments in terms of accolades, records, and awards, Wizkid’s musical career is everything an artist would ever dream of with a career spanning a decade since the release of his first official single “Holla At Your Boy” off his debut album “Superstar” released in 2010 under EME that won him the Next Rated Awards at Headies 2011. Since then He never looked back as his career kept sprouting and in March 2013 he floated his own record label after leaving EME and called it Starboy Records. With all these achievements one would expect that he would have one supportive woman by his side as the popular saying goes behind every successful man there is a powerful and supportive woman but unfortunately not in this case.

We can’t talk about Wizkid without mentioning the women in his life. At the age of 29, he has accomplished more than people 5 times his age but his experience with women is one area in his life where he’s not that well-versed. Wizkid is a lover boy who has 3 children with 3 different women but still not in a serious relationship with any of them. And that takes us to why we are here in the first place. With the flamboyant, lavish, and exotic lifestyle that he lives, we don’t see him getting married anytime soon. And these are our reasons below.

5 Reasons Why Wizkid Won’t Get Married Anytime Soon

  • He’s Too Busy With His Career

– Wizkid is one of the busiest African artists with his year already booked from January to December. He himself said so in a tweet in 2018 that he’s booked for 3 years.

wizkid booked for 3 years

So you can see how busy his schedule is for a man like him to find love and settle down to start a family. It’s going to be very hard because right now there is so much pressure on him to keep delivering and competing with other Nigerian and African artists. With Davido on his heels giving a close marking and ensuring they both remain relevant and maintain their position as Africa’s two biggest artists.

When you talk of the most traveled artiste in Africa, Wizkid’s name will definitely pop up and that’s because the world is just awakening to the rise of Afrobeats and he can’t afford to slip but to keep entertaining his fans all around the world.

  •  Baby Mama’s Drama

It’s no news that Wizkid has 3 children from 3 different women and he’s not in a serious relationship with anyone of them. As if that is not bad enough, he’s also not on good terms with two out of three of them. He has been called out severally on social media by the three women that he’s a deadbeat dad who doesn’t care much for his children.

His second Babymama, Binta Diallo called him out last year on Twitter and revealed that he only paid 13k for his child upkeep in 2 years 4 months and also that he never called on his son’s birthday or even send a gift.

Wizkid second Babymama calls him a deadbeat dad

His first Babymama, Shola Ogudu also has the same thing to say about him

Wizkid first babymama shola ogudu calls him a deadbeat dad

So you see why it’s going to be hard to settle down now amidst all the dramas between himself and his baby mamas. Maybe later in the future things won’t be this tense and they would have matured and maybe found love somewhere else just like in the case of 2face Idibia. But getting married soon like Davido plans on doing at the peak of his career with all the commotions around him won’t be a very wise thing to do. He needs to first reconcile with all his Babymamas so he too can move on with whoever he wishes to spend the rest of his life with.

  •  He Still Feels He’s Still Young 

– Wizkid was born in 1990, he’s just 30 and as the drill goes for men, that’s still on the average; not too late for marriage. To further endorse his reluctance to give marriage a shot, he looks much younger than his age and doesn’t seem like he will be getting older in looks anytime soon because the bucks are always there.

Why Wizkid Won't Get Married Anytime Soon

It’s pretty much difficult for anyone who’s still feeling young to feel pressured about getting married. Those two feelings can hardly cohabit in one mind and so the singer is still feeling he still has more time on his singlehood to enjoy the world uninhibited and not bound by any marital chords.

He might have a rethink as age begins to tell on him, but for now, the clock isn’t against him, he is not under any pressure and things will remain like they are until any new development from his end proves otherwise when it comes to romance that might lead to the altar.

  • Perhaps True Love is Hard to Find

You know one thing with fame and wealth? it’s difficult to find true love. You don’t have any degree of certainty that the woman who calls you her everything does so from the depth of her heart or from the depth of her materialistic mind. True love is indeed hard to find when money is there, now add fame to the money and it becomes harder.

Wizkid and his Babymamas

So perhaps the afrobeat star does not encounter a form of resistance when he tries to hit on ladies, no rejection whatsoever and it appears unreal to him. He can’t live a normal life because he is Wizkid, no pretty lady plays hard to get when he attempts, and then it’s difficult to truly ascertain if they are saying yes for his personality or for who he is in the eyes of the world. You can hardly blame him here.

  • He Has 3 Kids and Perhaps No Pressure From Parents

One of the reasons why people delve into marriage most times is because they can’t wait to replicate themselves in kids. That thought of having a little adorable young man or lady from your loins alone feels good, talk more of having it in flesh and blood. Wizkid has three kids already so whatever he is looking for in marriage is with him already as regards children, he has them from different Baby Mamas. So he’s been illegally married thrice if you look at it that way.

Wizkid and his 3 sons

And perhaps there are no pressures from family and friends forcing him to settle down. Family pressure can most times compel even the most stubborn son to succumb to demands especially when it’s coming from the mother. Mothers can be very persuasive with tears and wailings. When they start demanding grandchildren before they die, most children will fall for that. But the mom here in question has 3 grandchildren, so you get a hang of what we’re saying here right?

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