5 Star Qualities Every Upcoming Artiste Needs To Learn From Wizkid

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Wizkid’s rise to stardom to becoming the biggest artiste out of Africa is one success story that every aspiring up and coming artiste needs to learn from. Wizkid is no superhuman neither does he have two heads or have the best voice but he was able tap from the resources that surrounds him to create something iconic that stands him out from the rest.

To be successful in the music industry you need more than just talent and money for you to make it. Wizkid is one of those very few successful artistes who knows how to play his cards right and he always comes out on top all the time.

Every up and coming artistes who are aiming to reach the height of Wizkid and want to get all the hype and exposure should read this article because you will definitely learn one or two things which you can use to improve your music career. Learn from people who have been there and seen it all in order to walk in the same footstep of their success journey. Read and contribute to this article by leaving your comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Be Humble


Right from the days of ‘Holla at your boy’ till now, Wizkid is still one of the most humble artiste you will ever come across. Looking at all the things he has accomplished and all the fame and fortune he has accrued for himself, you will expect him to proud and all but he isn’t. Any other artiste in his shoes would begin to feel too important. Wizkid still hangs out with his friends and fans anytime he is in the country and he respects everyone accordingly.

When he was still under Empire Mate Entertainment he was the star boy in the team but he still respected everyone and collaborated with other artistes that wanted him on their songs. Wizkid has never been reported to be rude to anyone before unless if provoked and this trait is what has kept him going this long.

If you are an upcoming artiste and you are already feeling proud and important with yourself because you have a few fan base then you need to rethink and strategise because people would only help you when you are humble and meek.

Be Unique/Standout


Take a look at all the big artistes in Nigeria today from Adekunle Gold, Falz, Wizkid, 2Face Idibia, Olamide, Yemi Alade and Banky W you would realise that all these artistes have something unique about themselves both in their music and in their dressing. If you are an upcoming artistes take a cue from Wizkid because he is unique and stands out. He recreated his own style of music from the already existing Afrobeats and Afro-hiphop genre and owned the sound, which other artistes now try to imitate.

There can never be another Wizkid, so also there can never be another you. You are also unique, try and find that special thing about yourself that others don’t have and use it to your advantage. Let people be amazed when they listen to your music or wowed when they see you perform on stage. Small Doctor is a lovely example of a unique artiste who created his own niche and today he is making a lot of money from it. So be you and you alone. Be unique!!!!

Be Fashionable

Wizkid to perform at Russia World Cup opening ceremony

Wizkid is still one of Nigeria’s most fashionable artistes and he will always be because he pays total attention to his dressing and always sets new trends. You can never catch Wizkid dressing shabbily; he is always dressed like a star at every given time. Just like the popular saying “You are addressed the way you are dressed“.

People would come to you and want to associate with you when you are well dressed. Nobody wants to associate with anyone who doesn’t look good. So as an artiste you can only attract favour and important people who can help you in your musical career when you are dressed well and look like a star even when you are not. So if you want to make it fast in the music industry you need to start dressing like a superstar that you want to become.

Be Controversial

Wizkid-Chris Brown

These days’ controversies sells and it sells faster than any other marketing strategy. You hardly find any top artistes in Nigeria who is controversy free. Is it Wizkid, Davido, 2Face Idibia, Olamide or even Tiwa Savage?. This is just to show you that in other to becoming a big star in the industry you will need to always cook up something controversial that your fans can always talk about.

Nigerians like gossips and they follow only the celebrities that can give them plenty of it. Wizkid is very controversial, from his baby mama story, to his bashing of his expensive car and getting a replacement some days after to dating top female celebrities and some social media fights etc.

So as an upcoming artiste you need to put some spice into your brand for people to keep talking about you. Singing and performing is not all that matters but giving your fans something new to talk about helps keep you in their hearts and mind.

Be Social Media Savvy

Wizkid Performing

If you want to be a celebrity then you need to start learning to put yourself and your activity in the public eyes. And the only way to do this is to make use of the free and available social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Snapchat and other social media websites. Wizkid doesn’t joke with his social media that a day hardly goes by without him posting something on any of his social media accounts.

Try and be like Wizkid even with his busy schedule he still finds time to interact and engage with his fans on social media by sharing pictures, tweeting, retweeting, replying tweets etc. If he can do it how much you who is not as busy as he is. Being a superstar is not a one-day job, you need to work really hard. If you are an aspiring musician and you are not on at least two or three of these social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Soundcloud then you are not yet ready to be a starboy like Wizkid.


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