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Afromixx presents ALABA ONLINE. This is an online platform for artists all over Nigeria and across the border that is seeking the right platform to connect with Alaba Promoters and DJs. Afromixx has come to fill that gap that exists between artists and Alaba Promoters. We stand as the middle man between the two parties. We promote both secular and gospel music/videos on Alaba mix.


Reasons for Setting Up Alaba Online

Alaba Promotion is a vital part of an artiste promotional plan and without it, you won’t get the desired result of spreading your song to every nook and cranny of the country. Our reasons and motive for setting up this platform include:

  • Scam – A lot of artists have fallen victim to scam. So many people disguising as Alaba Promoters have taken advantage of their ignorance. With Afromixx we guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction because we have partnered with top Alaba Promoters so you won’t have to worry about being scammed. We are a DJ website and this is just another way of promoting our DJs and helping artists.
  • Distance – Alaba market is situated in Lagos State and most artists who wish to get their songs on Alaba mixtapes live outside of Lagos. With Afromixx Alaba Online you won’t have to worry about distance anymore. You can get your song on Alaba mixtape from any part of the country simply by logging in to and Alaba will be on your doorstep. All done on your phone or computer, fast, easy and safe.
  • Service – We saw a problem and we decided to create a solution to solve the problem by providing our service to DJs and Artistes to connect with each other. Alaba Online is a trusted platform with the sole aim of providing Alaba promotional service to artists and record labels who need a trusted body to help in promoting their artiste’s songs on the street.
  • Innovation – The world is now a global village and everything is now e-tech. You can perform any transaction right from your mobile phone. Afromixx has decided to follow that innovative trend by bringing the entire Alaba DJ Market right to your screen with the touch of a button.


How It Works

Getting your song and videos on Alaba Mixtapes has become so simple and easy through our Alaba Online platform. It’s as simple as A, B, C. Follow these 5 steps and you are on your way to becoming the next superstar.

  1. Go through the list of Alaba Marketers and select the ones you will like to work with. If you are not sure of who you want to work with simply leave the space blank
  2. Fill the form below with the correct information and contact details
  3. We will contact you in less than 24 hours through phone call or email
  4. We will work with your budget with the selected marketers and finalize the outcome with you
  5. In less than a week your song will be marketed on the street all over the country


What You Need To Know

*Alaba mixtape is controlled by the Alaba Promoters, not the Deejays. The DJs only host the mixtape for the promoters who in turn promote the mixtapes across the entire country.

*Afromixx does not promote or market any mixtape in Alaba, we only help promote artistes songs on different Alaba Promoters mixtapes.

*The money paid to Afromixx for the promotion goes to the Alaba Promoters, Afromixx only collect a one-time service charge.

*Afromixx job is to be your voice and represent your interest. We will make sure we give you the best service no matter your budget.

*There is no particular fixed fee for Alaba mixtape payment. Instead, we will work with whatever you have but there is a minimum fee of 30, 000 Naira.


Alaba Mixtape Price Packages

Small Package  ₦50k (1 Song, 1 Promoter, 12 Mixtapes, 1 Month)

₦100k to ₦150k  (1 Song, 1 Promoter, 30 Mixtapes, 1 to 2 Promoters, 1 Month with artistes Picture on Artwork)

Medium Package ₦200k – ₦300k (1 Song, 3 to 5 Promoters, 60 Mixtapes, 1 Month with artistes Picture on Artwork and Artiste song as Mixtape Title for some mixtapes)

Premium Package – ₦350k – ₦500k (1 Song, 6 to 10 Promoters, 1 to 2 Months with Promotional banner, Artiste Picture on Artwork and Artiste song as Mixtape Title for some mixtapes)

*Note – This is just an estimate of how much each Alaba Promoters charge. But you can use the figures to plan your budget. Remember that you are not limited to these figures, whatever budget you have we will work with it, so long as it’s reasonable.


List Of Top Alaba Promoters We Are Working With

Mega Mix Production

Person Entertainment

RudeBoy Entertainment





Nikky Entertainment


JP Production

Uche Production


Olowo Entertainment

Onyi Best


21 Street

TB Things


Asa Best

TNT Music


Moving Train

Upright Production

Duffle Bagboy


Pmyk Production (Gospel Promoters)

JohnWealth Production (Gospel Promoters)


What You Must Provide

  • A clean HD studio picture
  • A promotional copy of your song or send mp3 to our mail to []
  • Your location and contact information


Service Charge

Our one-time service charge is:

₦10,000 for Small Package

₦15,000 for Medium Package 

₦20,000 for Premium Package


Take charge of your destiny now and stop procrastinating. Alaba music promotion is very vital to becoming the star you’ve always dreamt of. A journey of a thousand mile they start with just one bold step. Take that bold step now and see yourself at the top.



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