Burna Boy Accused Of Cheating On Stefflon Don With A 23 Year Old, Jo Pearl

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Burna Boy Accused Of Cheating On Stefflon Don With A 23 Year Old, Jo Pearl

Burna Boy popularly known as the African Giant has been called out by a young British lady named Jo Pearl of her having an affair with her for two years while being in a relationship with British-Jamaica singer, Stefflon Don.

Jo Pearl who is a 23 years old business lady based in the UK took to Instagram this morning to open up about her relationship with Burna Boy after they met online two years ago. According to her Burna was the one that sent her a DM and it took the convincing of her friends to finally reply to his message after ignoring for two weeks. She said he was sweet while they got to know each other and he invited her to his Pop-up event in London which was where they first met and it was love at first sight.

The relationship between them grew and she talked about how he usually compliment her natural and African look which she said was what drew him to her and also how he provides for her and takes care of her every need. She said he always invite her to all his shows in the UK and she even had to move in with him at a time. She spoke about how he even promised to marry her. She said he made her feel special and wanted and she’s never been in such a relationship before where the guy doesn’t just profess his love but also shows it with his actions.

But the fairytale love affair began to dwindle when he had to travel down to Nigeria for Christmas in 2019 because he has a line-up of shows to headline. According to her when Burna Boy traveled back to Nigeria she didn’t hear from him for like two weeks but they eventually reconnected and he told her he fell ill which was why she couldn’t reach him. Although they had a bit of argument but it wasn’t that serious.

While waiting for her man to come back she said saw on the internet of his new relationship with Stefflon Don and it really shattered her because everything was going smoothly with them. She called him and he told her that he felt after their argument in December that she had moved on but they still remained closed even though she tries to ignore him sometimes.

After waiting for him to come back to the UK she decided to fly down to Nigeria in March to meet him and they saw but things didn’t get any better. She had to return back to the UK but he kept calling and telling her how much he still loves her and all.

To cut the long story short, she said she felt the relationship he has with Stefflon Don wasn’t serious because of what he told about the kind of woman he likes and Steff doesn’t match the description of his kind of woman so she just felt it was all just for the media and for that she just naturally continued seeing him and they never spoke about her each time they were together but after doing this for two years she wanted to open up because she didn’t want to remain hidden anymore and also because it’s affecting her psychologically. In her words, she said:

“Two years is such a long time for a person to be hidden,” she says in the video on Instagram.⁣

“It has affected me in so many ways, and I can’t hold it any more to protect people that wouldn’t protect me.”⁣

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