Crayon Reveals He Ditched School for Music In The Middle of His Exams

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Crayon Reveals He Ditched School for Music In The Middle of His Exams
Mavins Record act, Crayon has disclosed that he ditched school in the middle of his exams and headed for his music career straight away.

He revealed this in an interview with Pause Magazine and said he was going to return to school later.

The singer who dropped his debut EP “Cray Cray” last year and followed it up with another EP this year “Twelve AM” revealed that he left his studies in the middle of the exam and walked out of the exam hall.

He said people thought he was crazy, like who leaves in the middle of an exam after waiting for so long to write.

But he was certain he was going to make it in music so had no regrets of walking away.

In his exact words,

For me, I knew I was going somewhere. By then I had already met Don Jazzy and Baby Fresh and I’m sitting around these tow great people, and they would want to work with me”.

I had the conviction from day one . When I walked out of the exam hall, It was scary. People looked at me like ‘who’s this guy? Why would you walk out of the exam hall after you waited for hours? It’s crazy’. But I knew it would be something great” He mentioned that he learned how to play piano through this website.

i’m just really happy about where I’m at right now and we’ll keep going up from here. I’m definitely going back to school to study music business, school is very important”


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