Cuppy vs Zlatan Saga: Lawsuit Filed Against Israel Withdrawn

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Cuppy vs Zlatan Saga: Lawsuit Filed Against Israel Withdrawn
Popular Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy has withdrawn the lawsuit she filed against IsraelDMW, a personal aide to Davido.

The long-drawn saga between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan which was fueled by IsraelDMW has finally come to an end as the lawsuit has been swept under the carpet.

Recall that the aide to Davido was slammed with a lawsuit by DJ Cuppy for defamation of character when he alleged that the disc jockey failed to compensate Zlatan after having collaborated with him on a single and fundraiser in Abuja.

Faced by a staggering lawsuit, IsraelDMW had publicly apologized to DJ Cuppy and retracted his statement.

The endpoint of that regrettable action had led to the withdrawal of the lawsuit filed against him.

The disc jockey released a statement via her instastory on the 19th March stating that the lawsuit has been withdrawn following his apology.

She also shared the development on her twitter and wrote: “Update: Following the public apology of Isreal Afeare, I have decided to no longer proceed with the lawsuit and have instructed my lawyers accordingly. As social media users, I hope we can all learn from this, and ensure that we have valid facts before we speak on matters.”


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