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Afromixx is Nigeria’s fast rising music and DJ website that focuses on promoting Nigerian and African musical contents to the world through giving our African DJs and Artistes a voice to be heard. Afromixx provides a relevant platform and service, via media and publishing, digital PR and publicity, street publicity and social media marketing, to promote, support and raise awareness for the best new music and artists.

In a space of 2 years we’ve been able to create a strong social media presence with over 10,000 Twitter followers, 50,000 Instagram followers, 15,000 Facebook fans with over 200,000 monthly visits to our website. We are out to further up the ante in publicising and promoting relevant new and emerging music content to audiences and esteemed tastemakers within the online Nigerian, African and international music industry.


When it comes to music publicity, a strong digital music PR campaign is more important than ever before. For journalists and consumers, the web is usually the first port of call when investigating an artist, so your online profile needs to be developed and managed effectively.

Furthermore, the biggest music publications and tastemakers are online, while many online versions of newspapers and magazines have much larger readerships than their print counterparts, so the opportunity for exposure can actually be significantly bigger online than in print.

We are acutely aware of the importance of online media, and have consequently developed excellent relationships with key staff at key music publications, websites, webzines, portals, and social networks. We know who to talk to – and how.


Our expansive digital press/PR service will be a simple and effective way for you and/or your artist to get your music and music-related content directly to the people that matter in the online and digital world of Nigerian and African music.

We will endeavour to get music and music-related content from you and/or your artist featured on a list of the top relevant Nigerian and African music websites and online publications that are relevant to you. Importantly, these are the people and/or publications that matter in terms of your music online – asides of Radio, TV and aspects of Print Media.

This is an all-encompassing list and we will make sure that your music and music-related content gets into their hands and gets listened to, with the outcome of getting published online and/or receiving relevant feedback.

For any music and music-related content you want to release, we propose to service this content – new music, remixes, features, albums, music videos, BTS videos, tour dates, performance videos, press announcements, interviews, YouTube sessions – to online media and tastemakers via the Afromixx PR brand as your official online press/PR agents.

We believe in forging long-term relationships with our clients and the focus for our PR/Press team is to organically raise the profile of our music clients and to steadily create and sustain a growth of interest on the web from key influential and specialist music websites and online publications and by privy, their wider audiences.

We ideally want to have a long-term view on our online PR/Press services for you and/or your artists and create longer-term online PR campaigns that span and fit in well with your and/or your artists’ entire projects and even further on from that.

We also assist our clients with social media integration and management (advising and consulting with our clients on how best to utilize and grow social media channels) and digital content creation where necessary by identifying and suggesting strong digital content that will assist an existing campaign or that will keep audiences and digital press engaged in the lead to or between music releases.

However short-term online PR/Press campaign services – for single/video releases, album/mixtape/EP releases and/or official and unofficial remix release – as you will see below, are readily available. These can also be adjusted to fit your bespoke requirements and budgets.

Note that the list above is not an exhaustive list of the content that Afromixx can service on your behalf, inquire further if content you would like serviced is not mentioned above.

Email for further inquiries about bespoke packages, longer term campaigns and/or subscriptions to fit your exact digital PR and Press needs.


Afromixx been a DJ website we have a good working relationship with a lot of DJs in Nigeria and Africa and also we are in partnership with top Alaba Mixtape Promoters. With this leverage we will be able to not just give you a strong online digital/pr service but also get your song to several DJ’s playlist and also on Alaba Mixtapes which is one of the strongest means of promoting your song in Nigeria. Click to see our promotional plan for Alaba Online Service