Don Jazzy Calls Out Ali Ndume for Suggesting Slash of Workers’ Salary

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Don Jazzy Calls Out Ali Ndume for Suggesting Slash of Workers’ Salary

Don Jazzy has come out to condemn the statement of Mohammed Ali Ndume urging the Federation Government to slash down government workers salaries to be able to manage the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Punch, the lawmaker representing Borno South in the Senate, said this during a recent Channel TV interview:

 “Government should critically look at the personnel and recurrent expenditure which consumes about 70 per cent of the budget. Money should be pumped into capital.

“People should make sacrifices. This is the time to look at issues critically. But as I said, When I talk like this – and make my opinion – people look at it and call me all sorts of names. But I try to express myself.

“I think there should be more sacrifice, especially on the personnel side. How can you sustain the same personnel and overhead costs when even the work that you are doing… most people don’t go to the office now, and they are being paid fully for the month.

“Is there any justification for that? If you cannot work because of the pandemic, then you should be given palliatives and be paid less.”

Don Jazzy is highly disappointed in him.

He tweeted:

In saner climes, elected officials always put the interests of electorates ahead of theirs. The income gap between Nigerian politicians and the masses is already large – reason why these officials should be the ones taking more responsibility amidst this economic crisis.

See his post below:

Don Jazzy calls out Ali Ndume


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