Don’t Compare Me to Any Rubbish – Timaya Dismisses Comparison with Duncan Mighty

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Ace Nigerian singer, Timaya has reacted to a tweet where he was compared to Duncan Mighty – a fellow Niger Delta music star.

A twitter user with the handle @Isimaodeh had inquired from his followers who’s the better artist between Timaya and Duncan Mighty when their both hits were compared side by side.

More specifically 10 hits from Duncan and 10 from Timaya.

@IsimaODeh had tweeted;

“Between Timaya and Duncan Mighty, who would win in a 10 vs 10 hits battle?”

This however, didn’t go down well with Timaya who reacted furiously to the tweet.

The singer felt he was being under-valued to be brought into such a comparison and warned that no one should ever list his name in any rubbish comparison again.

Timaya tweeted

“E be like say una dey reason me les less. Nobody should ever put my name or compare me to any rubbish again. What disrespect..”

As usual, the tweet generated a couple of reactions from followers who boldly took their sides with strong reasons.

Timaya and Duncan Mighty are both music stars from the Niger Delta region. Both started their acts in the city of Port Harcourt.

While Timaya moved to Lagos to join the bustling entertainment industry there, Duncan stayed back in Port Harcourt to earn himself the unrivalled title as “Port Harcourt 1st Son”.

Thus, crowning himself the ‘King of Music’ in the city and the Niger Delta region.

Timaya reigned in Lagos, and solidified his stance in the Nigerian music scene by dropping hits back to back. While Duncan Mighty also thrived back home in Port Harcourt, and had his fame break the status quo of going to Lagos to succeed.

From his Port Harcourt base, he rivalled Lagos artist, did collaborations with international acts, and further maintained his Port Harcourt stance.


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