Watch Embarrassing Moment Burna Boy Ended An Interview Abruptly In The Presence Of His Grandfather And Mother

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embarrassing moment burna boy ended an interview abruptly

Burnaboy who is also known as African Giant has been trending on Twitter over a video that has gone viral. In the video, he was being interviewed by an international media called ViceLand.

Burna Boy his mother and grandfather were all interviewed in their living room and the interviewer first started his interview by questioning Burna’s grandfather which didn’t start on a good note as he asked some awkward questions about how life is now from the time of him managing Fela.

During the interview, Burna Boy wasn’t feeling the questions and it could be seen in his facial expression that he didn’t like the way the interview was going and had to interject and end the entire interview which rather looked embarrassing to his grandfather and mother who were in the room with him during the interview.

Watch the interview below:


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