Femi Kuti and Made Kuti – Legacy + (A Double Album Project)

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Femi Kuti and Made Kuti – Legacy + (A Double Album Project)

Femi Kuti and Made Kuti – Legacy + (A Double Album Project)

Descendants of Afrobeat Legend, Fela Kuti have teamed up together to release a double album project titled “Legacy +”, a commitment to the legacies of Fela.

Femi Kuti (Eldest son of Fela) and His son, Made Kuti collaborated in the two-album project they dubbed “Legacy +”.

The album incorporates individual albums from both artists (Father and Son). Femi Kuti’s album is titiled “Stop The Hate” while that of his son Made is titled “For(e)ward”.

The music project is already receiving accolades from fans local and internationally praising the duo for carrying on their predecessor’s legacies.

Femi Kuti in a bid to celebrate the success of the project, has released the video of one of the songs in his “Stop The Hate” album titled “As We Struggle Everyday”

As expected, both albums housed songs rich in Afrobeat – a music genre pioneered by their predecessor Fela Kuti with a few modifications unique to both heirs.

On Femi’s end, the album was a lyrical tribute to his father’s signature fun, sharp, and political undertones embedded in his renditions.

While Grandson of Fela and direct son of Femi’s album For(e)ward was a more contemporary version of the genre invented by his grandfather.

Each song on both album is unique from the other, and Made went further to play every instrument on his album.

Femi and Made Kuti

Femi and Made Kuti

Some of the international acclaim the song triggered are shared below.

Made Kuti is a one-man studio band…[he]merges the slow-simmering rhythm and implacable horn riffs of vintage Afrobeat with a looping, prismatic, multilayered production, doubling back toward psychedelia.” – New York Times

“With one listen through ‘Legacy +,’ it’s clear that the late Fela Kuti’s musical family tree remains both strong and fruitful.” – American Songwriter

A fresh take on the Afrobeat sound that Fela pioneered in the 1970s and ’80s. Made carries the torch for his family’s Black consciousness and activist politics.” – SPIN

Listen and enjoy some tracks from the album below.

Made – Blood

Made – Hymn

Made – Young Lady

Stream the Legacy + Album below



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