How To Consistently Earn Over N200,000 Playing As A Dj In Nigeria

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How To Consistently Earn Over N200,000 Playing As A Dj In Nigeria

In Nigeria the average workers earn about N60,000 working from 7A.M to 7PM. After Studying for 5 years in the university, you soon discover that your hard earned degree can barely afford to give you the life you’ve dreamed off.`

Do you know that the average DJ in Nigeria earns over N200,000 playing in 4 to 10 events per month. This is not a made up figure, dj’s in Nigeria are living the lives many Nigerian graduates can barely afford. Can you imagine yourself sleeping in your house from Monday to Friday, and then jetting out to play for the weekend in weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. At the end of each performance, you get your money and after a long and tiring performance you smile at yourself because N100, 000 has been added to your bank account.

This is the good life Djs are living in Nigeria, and you too can enjoy this life. In this post I will take you through every step you need to take to earn over N200, 000 monthly playing as a Dj in Nigeria.

Learn the art: Nobody is going to call you to perform at any event if you suck. That is the truth. There are just too many average dj on the street charging a paltry N5,000 per show and you don’t want to end up like them. This is so pitiful. The level you should aim is to charge between N50,000 to N100,000 per performance. I can assure you that there are so many people willing to give you even more than this if you are top-notch.

There are 2 way to learn the act. You can learn from a pro dj or you learn it yourself. To be honest with you, most of the biggest dj learnt it themselves. Go online download a good dj software and watch how it is been done on youtube. You can download as many videos tutorials as possible. Read about the music industry and learn different types of music. Be conversant with both the oldies and the latest music.

To learn faster play for free in your friend’s birthday, family events and church services. This will greatly improve your skill and give you the confidence to perform in much bigger events.

Buying your instrument: Have you seen a farmer that goes to a farm without his cutlass? Such a farmer would barely harvest enough to feed himself and his family. Common you need to invest in yourself. If you don’t have money, beg, work, save or steal! Sorry don’t steal to buy your instruments. Below are the instruments you will need to get as a dj.

God phones
Mics and microphone stands

Brand yourself: To really become a highly sought-after dj, you need to create a brand for yourself. First is to choose a stage name. Just give yourself any name you like. The name will henceforth stand for you and your work. At this stage you now have a name to protect.
The next thing to do is to set up your social media handles. You should choose only the social media channel that fit your brand. Do not spread yourself too thin. Upload clear and crisp photograph that projects your image. Be your biggest and loudest fan. Talk about what you do. Upload images of your performance.

Produce your first mixtape: This is the first project you will be handling. You should treat it like your life depends on it. This work will announce you to the world as a pro dj. When producing your first mixtape choose as many popular songs as possible with a mix of upcoming artistes. When you produce the mixtape, ensure you include your name in the beginning and end of the mix. This is a way of marketing yourself.

Give it your best shot. Your cover image should be professionally done. If you are not good in graphics you should outsource it to a professional to design a lovely cover for you.

Include all the tracks and songs as well as your contact details. This is your first mixtape, you shouldn’t be too eager to make money. Distribute freely to many as people as possible. Give it to music producers, dj and other stake holders in the music industry.

Set up an account with Sound Cloud: Soundcloud is the biggest music distribution and hosting platform in the world. Having a sound cloud account makes you global, pushing your work to a global audience.

Open a blog: you might say I’m not a writer, why the hell do I need to open a blog. First off all, you should see your blog as a place where people can go and read up about you and your work as well as your client’s base. Having a blog or website instantly transforms you from a mere dj to a professional one. With a blog, you can get a no of new clients inviting you to perform at different events.

Network with other dj: A tree can never make a forest. If you truly want to be successful as a dj, then you need to network with other dj and get to know them on a personal level. Attend dj parties, show and events. With a good network you can get tons of good referrals.

Marketing yourself: There are so many ways to market yourself when you are just starting out as a dj in Nigeria. You do not expect to just sit in one place and expect clients to start calling you. Below are sure ways to market yourself;

Go to offices: This is perhaps the most guaranteed way to get instant clients for your dj business. Spend some money and get a good business card and write as many letters of introductions to as many companies as possible. Every company organises events all year round and they will definitely need your services.

Play for free in big events: Doing free work can be tasking but it pays off in the long run. Offer to perform for free at events in turn you get to market your selves to a wide audience, which can lead to many well playing gig.

Grow your dj network: No man is an island. If you really want to move up in your career as a dj, you need to know and fraternise with other djs. Most of the time they will recommend you to big paying clients.

Throw a good party: Everyone loves to groove and have fun. Organising a party inviting your friends and other dj is a good way to market yourself. The after effect of the fun would linger in their minds and you will always be the talk of the town. This means more clients and referrals for you.

Create or break a record: One way of bringing your name out there is to create or break an existing record. This will leave you with so many fans instantly catapulting you to fame.

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