Things To Consider When Hiring a Deejay or Band To Play At Your Wedding

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how to decide between a dj or a band for your wedding

This is a very interesting topic because some people are still very much confused on who to hire between a deejay or band at their wedding. First of all, you need to consider what you want for yourself and the budget. Only you can decide the kind of wedding you want and once you have come to a conclusion about the kind of wedding you want, you would then be sure who you want to hire to play at your wedding.

Wedding is a sacred ceremony that mostly happens once in a person life time, so it needs to be taken seriously and it should be a memorable event for you and your guest. Therefore music plays a big role in making it memorable. Music can set the mood and ambience you need to achieve a successful wedding.

From the church procession to the reception music is very vital. Both church service and reception needs music to soothe their environments. Deejay and band mostly play during the reception while church service can be accompanied by an orchestral or choir.

Hiring a deejay or band to play at your wedding depends on your personal preference and your financial budget because they both varies in prices. Below are factors you need to consider before you hire a deejay or band to play at your wedding.




Live musicians spend years honing their crafts, and watching a band play at a wedding reception can be akin to attending a concert.

A live band can bring with it a sense of sophistication. Performers can tone the music to the crowd and improvise if necessary to meet the needs of the room. A good bandleader also will serve as a master of ceremonies at the reception.

Many wedding bands can competently play songs from various genres of music, while some are especially skilled at recreating the sound of a particular group.

Bands tend to be more expensive than deejays, and that’s something couples must factor into their budgets if they prefer a band to a deejay.



The deejay is one of the first vendors people think of when they envision a wedding reception. Perhaps because they are less expensive, deejays tend to be more popular than bands among today’s couples.

Deejays are advantageous for various reasons. Thanks to the accessibility of digital music, deejays can often procure just about any song a couple desires for the reception. That’s a significant benefit for couples who want to hear the original versions of their favorite songs, and not a band’s take on those songs.

Deejays also can read the crowd and make adjustments to the music at any time. If a particular genre is not working, deejays can easily transition to another type of music to get guests back on their feet. That’s not always possible for bands whose repertoire is exclusive to a particular genre.

Many deejays also blend songs seamlessly and may incorporate lights and other effects into their performances, which can encourage guests to loosen up and hit the dance floor.

Deejays also tend to travel with less equipment than bands, so they will take up less space in a party room.
No matter which road a couple chooses to travel, it’s a good idea to listen to a deejay or band perform in a live situation before making a final decision. Couples also should confirm that the performers they meet or audition will be the ones who will perform at their weddings. Make sure this is written into your contract.

Couples should provide a list of songs they want to hear well in advance of their wedding day. This affords a deejay ample time to find each song or bands to learn the songs before the big day arrives.

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