Naira Marley’s Banned Concert in Cameroun – The Hate on Nigerian Artists Across Africa

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When the Nigerian duo of Omah Lay and Tems were arrested in Uganda for violating COVID-19 protocols to go perform in a concert, the dust was raised.

Nigerians are being envied across Africa because they can’t be anything but the best at what they do.

Nigeria is the entertainment capital of Africa, producing stars every year and exporting them to other African countries and to the West.

Now the misguided hatred has spread to neighboring Cameroun and this time, it’s Naira Marley at the center of it all.

Unlike that of Tems and Omah Lay, he wasn’t arrested and we consider him the luckier version as we narrate this unfortunate tale of hatred on Nigerian musicians by her sister nations.

Naira Marley was billed to perform in Buea on Valentine’s day and prepared thus. However, on arriving the said city which happens to be the capital of the Southwest region, the Marlian frontman realized he wasn’t welcomed.

Local authorities have banned the show, no thanks to an anti-Nigerian uprising gaining foothold in the country and fueled by one Pancho C.Y International, a comedian and actor.

He had claimed that Nigerian musicians are making it difficult for Cameroonian acts to thrive in their home country by consistently bringing in their incredible artistry to perform in the country.

The said aggravated comedian had inspired other Cameroonian acts to run a crusade against Nigerian musicians which succeeded. Naira Marley wasn’t allowed to perform, the location was changed to Limbe and then to Douala before it was finally postponed.

Enobi, a business man and the organizer of the show, is an avid supporter of a collaboration between Nigerian and Cameroonian acts, and thus, invited Naira Marley to headline his Valentine’s day show.

But it appears his brothers aren’t on the same page with him. Various allegations were levied against Enobi and his show just to ensure a Nigerian act is denied the right to perform.

Naira Marley has since apologized to fans on the unfortunate cancellation and the downturn of events.

Hence, it is abundantly clear that Cameroonians have unofficially declared a war against Nigerian musicians which is quite a narrative, too salty for a neighboring nation that could ally with her sister and achieve great things together.

The hate on Nigerian music acts in a continent where they should feel at home is getting alarming and now a cause for concern. It is not Nigeria’s fault for being so blessed with raw talents who keep breaking the ceiling daily.

The misguided hate should be tamed already. First, it was Xenophobia in South Africa, and then Uganda, now it’s Cameroun.



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