ALBUM REVIEW: Olamide – UY Scuti

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Olamide UY Scuti Album Review

Olamide dropped his 9th studio album “UY Scuti” last week on the 18th of June,  just a few months after the release of his previous chart-topping album “Carpe Diem“. This just goes to show how talented he is and he has no plans of backing down. For this reason, I have decided to do a comprehensive review of his brand new album which is already topping charts across the globe.

Born Olamide Gbenga Adedeji in the restless confines of Bariga, Lagos State, Nigeria, Olamide has risen over the years to become a household name in the Nigerian entertainment sphere. His early footings on the door of music and rap artistry characterized the better part of 2010 and in 2011, the Baddo came through with his first album dubbed “Rapsodi” and then he went ballistic and became unstoppable.

It was pretty obvious his depot of talent had a faulty leakage so he couldn’t just stop letting them out as he rolled out albums year after year. From Rapsodi in 2011, he moved to YBNL in 2012, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth in 2013, Street OT in 2014, 2Kings and Eyan Mayweather in 2015, The Glory in 2016, Lagos Nawa in 2017, YBNL Mafia Family in 2018, Carpe Diem and 999 in 2020 and finally, the UY Scuti 2021 bringing the total number of albums and EP under his belt to 12.

It’s no doubt and no hype that indeed the Baddo has a macho status in the industry and is one of Africa’s proudest exports to any clime under the sun.

Review of Olamide UY Scuti Album

We rip the UY Scuti Album apart in this Piece and run through its internal organs in analysis.

Generally, the album embodies a lot of arterial dimensions that carefully reflect the kind of music persona that Baddo has molded himself into right from the very days of Rapsodi. It’s like a train that begins from that 2011 debut outing running through all the years between and capping its run with the UY Scuti assemblage of creative ingenuity. It’s a premium cocktail of vibes as slices of his street hip-hop identity are thrown at listeners alongside some elements of rap-based pop and some sonorous ballads.

It features some laid-back sensational love tunes that rhythmically connect with the soul and then like a crescendo, the tempo elevates upwards to some hard jams. It’s the roller-coaster style but one thing that remained consistent as you move from one dish to another is the central theme of love safe for a few tracks.

For an opener, “Need For Speed” couldn’t have been more perfect and the title is aptly spot on which we are thinking was entirely intentional. It’s a medium tempo jam leaving some laid-back oldie vibes in its wake as you let the lyrics and background seep into your system.

“Jailer” takes after it as the second track on the album and the singer delves further into the love lane and this is more emotional because he talks about being jailed in love. With the vocal prowess of Jaywillz in the background commanding the chorus, it turns into some enchanting tune that captures love at its core.

Next is “Rock” which was one of the appetizers the singer served prior to the album’s release and remains as one of the finest on the album. He continues on the love lane, this time going deeper into some undertones of lascivious activities which were echoed even though he tried masking them. Rock wasn’t the solid rock geological interpretation but was more of a bedroom affair.

This would be succeeded by “Julie” which resembles its predecessor “Rock” but lacks the rocky vibe and basic element to get things groovy with some body movements. Julie describes love partners being replaced for better counterparts.

Next in line is “Rough Up” featuring Layydeo which took a route that was healthy for the time and it toed a Jamaican pathway with Layydeo almost giving us the same vibes as Cynthia Morgan would have and something we could ascribe to as a perfect dancehall combo. It seals the stepwise form of the album which no doubt became epic coming from an ace rapper.

And then we got “Want” and “Pon Pon” featuring Fave whose vocal delicacy made a delicious sound out of the ingredients Olamide brought to the recording table. Both tunes captured the theme of love, intimacy, and everything between.

Next, he serves us with some “Cup Of Tea” which was about a replica or remake of rock when it comes to the intimacy that it anchors on. But this time, the singer went cocky flashing his lyrics like a peacock soaked in arrogance and alerting his love interest of independence.

And then the last trace of the soup is to be licked with “Somebody” featuring famous and indigenous rapper Phyno. Both are revered as the two kings of indigenous rap in Nigeria and whenever both are doing a song together, it’s usually an explosive affair. Both rap acts emptied whatever they came with to the studio for recording as they lavishly poured their lyrics on the theme of love and caring for their woman like never before. It’s about the same essence and epic delivery as Rock which like we told you, any assemblage with both rap acts is always the bomb.

STREAM: Olamide – UY Scuti (Album)


Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, Olamide sets a new standard for seasoned rappers in the game as he deploys more of his creativity on this music project. As you transit from one track to the other, you feel the lyrical ingenuity and the vibes, you feel the growth and the roller coaster of a masterpiece project.

UY Scuti from Olamide, although seems like an offering to the female gender and adoration of their core essence, it just masquerades the rapper’s creativity and the fact that his game is still on point never fizzling away with sands of time.

For his 12th body of work and 9th studio album, Olamide deserves all the accolades, pats on the back, knuckle chopping, and every engagement to massage his ego.

RATING (Olamide UY Scuti Album Review)

After listening to the album, we’ll give it an 8/10 because it’s an ingenious masterpiece and we can see the growth in Olamide’s sound which is matured and passes a message.

Have you listened to the album? What would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10? Tell us in the comment section below. We’ll love to have your opinion on this Olamide UY Scuti Album Review


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