See You in Court – DJ Cuppy Tells IsraelDMW Over Row with Zltan Ibile

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DJ Cuppy and Zlatan Ibile Gelato

DJ Cuppy and Zlatan Ibile

DJ Cuppy, a Famed DJ and daughter to Billionaire Femi Otedola has threatened to sue IsraelDMW over his defamatory statements against her on Instagram.

Israel; an aide to Davido had posted on Instagram about how Zlatan went unpaid after doing a collaboration with Cuppy on the hit song “Gelato” and also travelled to Abuja on his own expense to perform at the fundraising event of the famed DJ.

Cuppy had earlier wondered in a tweet why Zlatan blocked him on social media and had completely ignored him months after the release of Gelato – a song they both did.

The tweet read thus;

“10 months later and I sometimes still wonder why @ZlatanIbile blocked me on Whatsapp and Instagram without ever saying why; we were actually friends ….AND “Gelato” was a hit.


Reacting to Cuppy’s claim, Zlatan shocked the world by announcing in an interview when asked about the rift, that he has no idea who DJ Cuppy is.

Here’s the video of Zlatan denying any knowledge about Cuppy;

This resurrected the earlier dust raised on social media about the row involving Zlatan and Cuppy and prompted @IsraelDMW to clear the air on why both artists are at loggerheads.

However, it appears the claims made by Israel were unfounded and malicious causing Cuppy to institute legal actions against him by filing for libel against her character and person.

Here’s her tweet vowing to sue IsraelDMW

“ For the record…

There have been no breaches of my contractual agreement regarding the song #Gelato as confirmed by lawyers… However, as @IsrealDMW publicly inaccurately declared I owe an artist money, I am suing him for libel and defamation…

See you in court Isreal.”

As expected, reactions have continued to trail the whole saga and it’s still hazy separating facts from fiction in the claims made by all parties involved. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and watching as events unfold.



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