Vector and M.I Set to Collaborate on New Song as Rivalry Ends

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Vector and M.I Set to Collaborate on New Song

Vector and M.I are set to collaborate on a new song to further relax the tensed atmosphere about their initial rivalry.

The two rap kings have been at loggerheads on a low-key over the previous years on who’s the best, and that battle had initially began with fans.

It however became an all-out pronounced rivalry in 2019 when both stars took to the studio to individually record songs totally dedicated to dissing each other.

But everything is now water under the bridge as both stars are set to collaborate on a new project to further strengthen their relationship.

On February 25, iconic rapper, Vector took to his twitter page to display a picture of him dressed in a traditional attire adjacent to legendary rapper and former rival, M.I Abaga who was also dressed in a similar attire.

They were seated as two kings on a throne in the setting while surrounded by maidens.

Vector had captioned it “You know what to do with your post notification”

And M.I’s post unveiled the title of the song as “Crown of Clay”. The date for the  release is yet to be made public by the sensational rapping duo.



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