Why Fans Are Confused About Peruzzi’s New EP “The Leaktape”

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Following Peruzzi’s new EP release, fans are pretty much confused as to the timing and sudden nature of the release.

This coming barely 2 months ago after the DMW star dropped of his second studio album “Rum and Boogie” amid massive reception and acclaim.

But some fans are surprised why the singer would drop an EP just after releasing an album and without any prior announcement.

More strange is the fact that the song is coming under Golden Boy Entertainment, the previous record of the singer before he joined DMW.

And all of the songs are not sounding like they were recorded recently, all had undertones of a sound recorded about 5 years ago not resonating with Peruzzi’s recent style.

But history has it that sometime in 2020, Peruzzi’s former record label boss, King Patrick had called out the singer for backstabbing him after all he invested on him as the singer had left him for DMW.

And so it appears that the said ex-label boss had the leaked the EP of the singer which he did while he was with him and coincidentally the title of the EP is “The Leaktape”.

Peruzzi is yet to react to the release and fingers are crossed to know what his next line of action will be.


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